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A Tail of Flames (It’s Time)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my aspirations and what I admire professionally. One company that I admire on numerous levels is Spanx. From a branding perspective, Spanx is fresh and fun—and like me—decidedly unabashed. Their products are phenomenal, and their website is a tutorial in great design. To top it all off, the company’s founder, Sara Blakely, is an incredibly inspiring woman.

Her father instilled in her something amazing—a will to fail. Instead of asking her what she did right every day when she came home from school, he would ask her “what did you fail at today?” and then give her a high-five when she did fail at something. Think about that. By encouraging her to fail, she was raised without the fear of failing.

Sans-fear, she took the $5000 she had in her checking account, a tiny apartment, and one great idea, and turned them into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

I have the drive, I have the talent, and I have a lot of great ideas. But I still have that small voice that says “what if?” (naturally, it’s never ‘what if something amazing happens?’).

It’s that small voice that I seek to silence now.

As I take somewhat of a personal inventory, I see that the problem isn’t that I’ve never taken a chance. I’ve taken many small chances—many small leaps of faith. I’ve lived by the motto that if I do fail, I want to go down with a 10-mile tail of flames trailing behind me (because the higher you aim and the harder you try, the harder you fall). I simply don’t think I’ve ever tried something big enough.

These past few weeks, I can hear that small voice inside of me whispering “it’s time.”

Indeed. It is time.


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