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Where’d All the Good People Go?

I can’t seem to get Jack Johnson’s song “Good People” out of my head, and I think it’s because of a small incident that I witnessed on Saturday night. I’m sure this event was nothing to most people who saw it, but it struck me and has stayed with me for days.

As I was returning home from running errands this past Saturday, I sat in the cash-only toll booth line on Georgia 400. The guy five cars in front of me didn’t have the 50 cents to pay the toll, so he was written a ticket, which will surely cost him more than 50 cents.

The good samaritan in me couldn’t comprehend why the guy behind him didn’t offer to pay his toll. Either he wasn’t paying attention or simply didn’t care. Whichever reason it was, I was left wondering why there aren’t more kind people in this world.

Are people really so wrapped up in their own lives and so stingy with their money that the idea of helping a fellow human with something this small is beyond comprehension?

I don’t want to believe that. My faith in the basic goodness of all people is still strong, so I want to initiate a literal “Pay it Forward” challenge to my friends and readers and ask for a little help spreading the word:

If you’re sitting in the cash-only lane of a toll booth and are not one of the unfortunate souls who doesn’t have any cash, then you have at least $1 in your hand. Why not offer up the other half of your dollar to pay for the toll of the person in front of you if they need it? I’ve done it before, and if I wasn’t five cars back this past Saturday, I would have done it again.

Whether you believe in good karma, being a good Christian or nothing at all, it’s a small, but noble gesture that shows that there are still good people who perform random acts of kindness.

Join me and literally pay it forward if you get the chance.


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