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Occasional thoughts from a young adult reveling in the messiness of life.

Switching Gears

There are many things that have been practically glued to my side throughout my life, and the older I get, the more I see how the hobbies and “loves” I had as a child have informed choices in my adult life.

I have very clear memories of the first poem I wrote during my elementary school years, the journal I wrote it in, and all the many journals and poems and short stories that I have written throughout my life. So, it made total sense to me when I studies creative writing in undergrad and professional communications in grad school, which has led to a life as a marketing communications professional. But only recently have I realized that the other object that has been glued to my side since childhood is a camera. I took so many pictures in my youth, leading up through college and grad school. I have boxes and boxes of negatives and prints that need to be digitized.

It wasn’t until I decided to buy my first DSLR camera that I realized just how deep my love of photography runs. Fast forward many months later, and I really started to dig into learning the art of photography. Since that is what is consuming my life outside of my other duties at work and at home, I imagine that the focus of this blog will shift to the subject of photography. But rest assured, I’ll probably be peppering in some rants and perspectives on communications as the opportunities arise.


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