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Seeing the Light

The older I get, the fewer and farther between epiphanies seem to come. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been staying within my zone of my expertise lately. However, now that I am venturing into learning a new subject—photography—I’m finding that trend reversing slightly. And the most recent epiphany I had was during a photography workshop I attended called “Why did you take that shot?”

Before we dove into the psychology behind what attracts us as photographers to particular scenes, I had a moment of pure epiphany that I’d like to share. The handout for the class opened with some quotes by great photographers, and two struck me into a state of realization:

“Photography is the process of capturing light on film, not capturing a subject on film. Dull light equals a dull photograph, no matter how strong the subject matter might be.” – John Shaw

“My first thought is always of light.” Galen Rowell

It’s so simple and so true, yet not something I had ever considered before. I was always one of those “object focused” photographers, where I looked simply at WHAT I wanted to photograph, not realizing that it was the WAY the light was working with that object that made it truly interesting.

Now when I look around, I see more than the objects that fill this world—I truly see the light.


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