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Focus on Composition

I’ve often wondered if I have a good “eye” for photography. Before I bought my DSLR, my hubby and I would go out and shoot pictures in the same place, and his pictures would be 10,000 times more creative than mine. He really understood the concept that a good photographer could capture a moment, a scene or an object in a way that most people would not otherwise be able to see it. My current photography instructor has emphasized over and over that being able to compose an image in a way that shows people something in a new way is the true power of photography.

Even though I am still a true beginner, the more I learn about photography, the more I can see that I have used some great composition techniques—even if I didn’t know how or why I was doing it. As I look back through the pictures I took on my non-DSLR cameras (such as the ones in Italy or at places around Atlanta), I see that I actually have taken a few really good shots. Maybe I really do have an “eye” for photography. Time will certainly hash that one out, so until then, I’ll just keep learning, keep practicing and keep on clicking away!

This past weekend, the class went on a field trip of sorts out to the historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. I’m not really “into” hanging out at cemeteries, but I went for the experience nonetheless. The goal of the trip was to use all of the knowledge we’ve acquired so far to compose images.

We discussed some particular composition techniques in the class last week, such as rule of thirds, leading lines and texture. I aimed to capture images using these techniques; however, once I started shooting, I quit trying to force scenes and simply captured what was out there. Not being a big cemetery person, I found myself being attracted to the flowers and tried to capture them from different angles, which included a lot of laying on the ground. Afterward, I headed over to an urban area of town with some vibrant-colored scenery.

Here are some of my favorites from the day:


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