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Yummy to my Tummy (Four Down; Eight to Go)

Sushi is by far my favorite food right now, which is weird considering I never ate sushi before I met the hubbs. But every time we go for sushi (which he’s kind enough to let me indulge in often), I always start with edamame, another food I never ate until recently.

Every time I would order it, I would think to myself: this can’t be THAT hard to make – it’s just soy beans and salt. And so, I added it to my list of “12 Things in 2012.” One weekend, determined to knock it off the list, I Googled “how to make edamame,” and it seemed simple enough. I picked up a bag of frozen edamame at the local grocery store, boiled a pot of water, dropped them in the boiling water, strained them five minutes later and added a touch of salt. Voila! It really was that easy. And so, another thing comes off the list.

Date accomplished: 3/11/12

Here’s a recap of where I am with my list of 12 Things in 2012:

1. Get back into rock climbing.
2. Buy a constant aperture lens.
3. Start playing guitar again.
4. Learn to make edamame.
5. Launch ArtisanShipp website.
6. Renew passport.
7. Learn Italian.
8. Start charging for photography sessions
9. Make that special scarf.
10. Go to Houston.
11. Enter photography contest.
12. Go to Italy.


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