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Enter Photography Contest (Seven Down; Five to Go!)

I’m officially more than half way through my list of “12 Things in 2012”! That’s a good thing, too, since there are only five months left in the year. I’m starting to feel a little behind, but I’m cutting myself some slack. There have been some big things come up in my life that weren’t on my list, and I still feel fairly confident that I can knock out the whole list.

As with most of the things on the list, this one is pretty self explanatory – I entered a photography contest! Specifically, I entered the Shots 12 contest, which is organized by the Showcase School of Photography, where I have taken all of my photography classes. Last year, I entered it as well, and I ended up having one of my pictures selected for the show. To my absolute delight, my entry got an honorable mention, and I have that big ribbon hanging proudly in my cube at work.

This time, I toiled over which pictures to submit. Having recently returned from Italy (where it is nearly impossible to take bad pictures because everything is just so beautiful), I ended up picking two very different images: one highly graphical image (bold colors and shapes, not XXX kind of graphical), and the other tells an interesting story.

The graphic picture is from Burano – an island very similar to Venice (and only a short water taxi ride away). The whole area is full of some of the brightest buildings I’ve ever seen. The other photo I submitted is from the glass blowing session that we viewed on the island of Murano (also near Venice). The glass is so hot when the pieces are first finished that they will ignite paper.











It will be several months before I find out the results of this one, which is just fine by me. I’m taking satisfaction in just knocking this one off the list.

So why was this on the list in the first place? Quite simply, I have invested a lot of time and money into my photography hobby, and I reached the point where I wanted to do a little more with all of the photos I’m taking. It’s not so much about recognition (though that is nice), but I let out a big sigh when I look at all the pictures I’ve taken and see that most just waste away on my hard drive. So, I have a few things on my list of “12 things” that are designed to propel me to simply do more with my photography.

With that, I scratch this one off the list!

Date accomplished: 8/4/12

Here’s a recap of where I am with my list of 12 Things in 2012:

1. Get back into rock climbing.
2. Buy a constant aperture lens.
3. Start playing guitar again.
4. Learn to make edamame.
5. Launch ArtisanShipp website.
6. Renew passport.
7. Learn Italian.
8. Start charging for photography sessions
9. Make that special scarf.
10. Go to Houston.
11. Enter photography contest.
12. Go to Italy.


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