The Occasional Shippment

Occasional thoughts from a young adult reveling in the messiness of life.


I’m a big believer in Aristotle’s assertion that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” With that, I spend a lot of time thinking about where I am in life, what all has happened to get me here, and where I might be heading.

A lot of my reflection lately has centered on my spiritual journey, and I am constantly amazed at how God works in our lives. I truly believe that God speaks to us in many ways–through circumstance, through those “nagging” thoughts in our heads and hearts and through the people in our lives. And it’s that last part that I’m going to focus on today.

You see, even though I wasn’t “with God” for the majority of my life (i.e. I didn’t grow up in church), I can see through reflection that God was certainly with me. God kept people in my life who would challenge me to think and to see the ways God has been working in this world and in our lives.

So this post is for all of those people.

To those of you who knew me back in my primary school days and in college, who took the time to talk to me about how God and faith helped you in your life: I may not have always been receptive, but I was always listening. Thanks to all of you – Chris, JonJon, and Michelle.

To those of you who kept encouraging me to go back to church, and to the one who walked with me as I literally took those first few steps: I am forever grateful. Thanks to you, Keybs and Mark.

And to those who have helped me grow in my faith since I returned to church and who have continued to be shining examples of how we can come together as the Body of Christ to effect real change in this world: you all constantly amaze me. This list is far too long, and I’m sure I’ll leave some people out, but I want to extend special thanks to Charles, Lauren, Matt, Amanda, Sarah, Liz, Wesley, Laura, Fr. Paul, Fr. Chris, Fr. Wells, Fr. Dan, Fr. Dann, Fr. Andrew, my family and all of you in my Vocare, DAYA, St. Dunstan’s, St. Anne’s and St. Luke’s communities.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today on my spiritual journey without all of you. I am so grateful for, and so deeply inspired by, the ways that you have enabled God to work through you.

Thanks to all of you, and thanks be to God.


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