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Make that Special Scarf (Nine Down; Three to Go!)

Less than two months left in 2012, and I still have a few things left to knock off my list of 12 Things in 2012. Luckily, November did bring me one step closer, with the completion of the 10th item: making that special scarf.

The Backstory

A few years ago when I was working at my previous company, one of my coworkers (who also happens to be one of my good friends now) showed me a website that had flannel scarves…with zippered pockets! I had recently purchased a sewing machine and was hard at work making things for the house that my husband and I were moving into. She loved the concept of a scarf with functional pockets, but she didn’t like the patterns that were available and wanted to see if I could make one for her to give as a gift to a friend. With my sewing skills still in a fledgling state, anything with zippers was out of the question. But the concept stayed with me.

Fast forward a year or so, and I had come across a great sewing book. I was captivated by a pillow that had hundreds of loops of fabric on the front. It looks so plush and so…warm, so I decided that I wanted to make a scarf with loops and zippered pockets.

However, with the crazy-busy year I had in starting a new job in 2010, and the the subsequent turbo craziness that ensued the following year, I never got around to it. Hence, making the scarf gained a coveted spot on my 12 Things list.

Making the Scarf

Over the summer, I calculated how much fabric I would need and settled on the material (navy blue and kelley green fleece), but the fabric sat in my closet awaiting its evolution into the scarf. When the chill started piercing the air in November, I knew it was time. So a couple of weeks ago, I began the project and finished it this past weekend.

And it’s horrible.

Having no pattern from which to work, I had to make a lot of guesstimations, and the scarf ended up being too wide to be functional. If it were about half of the width, I could likely call it a success and maybe even wear it, but that’s just not the case.

What I Learned 

The silver lining in all of this, though, is that I learned a lot about myself along the way. Just like baking, sewing is a science: precision is key. When you bake, you need a recipe and you need to carefully measure everything. When you sew something as technical as this, you need a pattern, or at least something more to work from than pure imagination. But I also learned that my creativity and vision are rather exceptional, even if the execution was lacking.

Moving Forward

From here, I have a few choices. I could rip open the non-zippered seam and reduce the width of the scarf, but that would be highly challenging given the complex nature and zig zag of the loops. I could use the leftover fabric to start again, putting some more precise measurements around the next one. Or I could just call it a day, mark this off the list and be satisfied with the fact that I tried.

Until next year, I’ll be going with that last option, as I have just a little over a month and three things still to knock off my list. With that, I call this one “done,” even if it’s not all that wearable. Now I’m onto booking the trip to Houston and working on my photography website and price list.

Date accomplished: 11/17/12

Here’s a recap of where I am with my list of 12 Things in 2012:

1. Get back into rock climbing.
2. Buy a constant aperture lens.
3. Start playing guitar again.
4. Learn to make edamame.
5. Launch ArtisanShipp website.
6. Renew passport.
7. Learn Italian.
8. Start charging for photography sessions
9. Make that special scarf.
10. Go to Houston.
11. Enter photography contest.
12. Go to Italy.


2 comments on “Make that Special Scarf (Nine Down; Three to Go!)

  1. Lon
    November 30, 2012

    Just call it a blanket. Then call it a day. 🙂

    • JZ
      December 5, 2012

      Haha! It’s not quite that big, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to miss the measurements on that grand of a scale on my next project. 🙂

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