The Occasional Shippment

Occasional thoughts from a young adult reveling in the messiness of life.

About this Blog

Everything’s messy: faith, life, careers, companies and the world in general. In all of the messiness, I’m not claiming to have the answers, just my own opinions. As I continue on my journey in life and rev up for my next big adventure, I’ll post on issues about which I feel particularly strong.

This blog is called “The Occasional Shippment” because I feel like I’m shipping my ideas out into the world—post by little post. While my original intention was to just post whenever the spirit moved me instead of sticking to a schedule, I’ve been “moved” more regularly lately. New posts usually go up on the weekend. Comments and other people’s opinions are always welcomed.

(And yes, I do know that shipment is spelled with just one “p”, but my last name is not. I’m a writer; I like the occasional play on words.)



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